Discount Codes

Use this discount code lookup tool to check the status of your code. Enter your code in the box provided and then select lookup.

How To Claim Discount Codes:

Your discount code needs to be entered during the checkout process at Step 2.

  • Build your order.
  • Proceed to checkout.

Checkout - Step 1 of 3 - Delivery or Collection?

  • Select Delivery or Collection and then select continue.

Checkout - Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information

  • Enter your code into the box marked "Discount Code".
  • Enter your payment details and any notes, now select continue.

Checkout - Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation

  • Green Message = Code was sucsessful.
  • Red Message = Code failed.

Review your order items, any discounts or notes and then select confirm when you are ready.

All done!

Hint: For the latest discount codes keep your eye on Google, Facebook & Twitter.

General Discount Codes:

These codes are open to all customers and valid for all products.

  • These codes can be found in public areas or social media.
  • These codes may appear on process emails or newsletters.

Hint: Check our Offers & Promotions page for unused codes.

Unique Discount Codes:

These codes are restricted to user groups (VIP, Exclusive or New) and can only be claimed if issued directly to you. These codes may also be restricted to product groups (example: Only valid for Starters & Soups).

  • These codes are unique to user accounts or user groups.

Hint: Check your inbox for unique codes.

Usage & Restrictions:

Some of our discount codes have Usage Restrictions. Any usage restrictions associated with discount codes will be clearly marked.

Typical examples:

  • This code is restricted to one use per account.
  • This code can only be claimed by Exclusive Members.
  • This code expires on dd/mm/yyyy.
  • This code is for a free dessert item.
  • This code has a minimum order value of £11.

By participating in the use of discount codes you have agreed to any terms additional to our Policy Documents.

Policy Documents: Delivery, Cookies, Privacy & Site Conditions.


£** Minimum order value.   Our Store.
**% Off the value of your order.   Home Delivery.
Loyalty Points Scheme.   FREE.
Exclusive Members Offer limited to Exclusive members only.
VIP Members Only Offer limited to VIP members only.

Free food items will be added to your order automatically. Alex Wok Ltd or reserves the right to change special offers, discount codes, promotions and loyalty schemes without notice.

Exclusive & VIP Members:
Member Discounts & Loyalty Discounts will be applied automatically during checkout. You may use discount codes in addition.