Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Our loyalty points scheme has been designed to reward our most loyal customers with discounts, free dishes and even an entire meal delivered for FREE.

How to Earn Loyalty Points

All orders earn Loyalty Points. Collection or delivery paid online or with cash. It really is that simple.

  • Loyalty Points are awarded after each order reaches a status of complete. This usually happens within 24 hours.

  • Your Account area will show pending points (recent orders & promotions).

  • You can view your balance here.

How to Claim Loyalty Points

You can spend your Loyalty Points on qualifying orders as follows:

  • Points are entered during checkout at Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information.

  • You must claim POINTS not money.
    To claim £1 you will need to use 100 points.

  • You can review your claimed points at Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation.

Note: If you are claiming a free meal (100% paid with points) select CASH as your payment option for the fastest checkout experience.


We are trying to keep the conditions to a minimum. However there are a few:

  • Loyalty Points must be claimed within 180 days of award. After this period your points may expire.

  • Loyalty Points can only be claimed on orders of £5.00 or over.

  • Loyalty Points awarded may vary on promotional items.

  • Delivery or payment charges do not earn Loyalty Points.

  • Loyalty Points are exclusive to alexwok.com and must be claimed online.

  • Loyalty Points will not be shown during checkout if your Loyalty Balance is £0.00 (empty).


£** Minimum order value.   Our Store.
**% Off the value of your order.   Home Delivery.
Loyalty Points Scheme.   FREE.
Exclusive Members Offer limited to Exclusive members only.
VIP Members Only Offer limited to VIP members only.

Free food items will be added to your order automatically. Alex Wok Ltd or alexwok.com reserves the right to change special offers, discount codes, promotions and loyalty schemes without notice.